Yellow Ribbon Pinups Calendar
Calendar project to benefit our troops. See description for more details.
Photography, Digital Photography
  • Yellow Ribbon Pinups
    By MoonStomp Studio / Maggie Winters
    in association with P2V and the Yellow Ribbon Fund
  • The Yellow Ribbon Pinups project is a calendar project provided free to our loyal service people serving overseas. The project was funded through Kickstarter and our donations have allowed calendars to be sent to service people currently stationed overseas.

    Photography by Maggie Winters (
    In Association with P2V ( and the Yellow Ribbon Fund (
    Models: Susan Coffey, Mona deLux, LiiLii Lipstick Ninja, Savannah Rose Lee, Shanice Lynn, and Deanna Danger
    Makeup: Josephine Love (for Mona deLux) and Dona Massa (for Susan Coffey)