Brand Identity | East Coast Board Company | 2011
This is a project completed for school. It entails the creation of the entire brand identity of East Coast Board Company (ecBoard), including logo design, lookbook design, graphic standards manual, marketing materials, banner ads, and magazine ads.
Branding, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
  • Brand Identity
    for East Coast Board Company (or ecBoard)
  • Project for Corcoran College of Art + Design | Spring 2011

    Comprehensive brand identity for ecBoard. ecBoard is a board shop providing snowboard, skateboard, wake board, and surf gear to East coast boarders.

    The logo has been designed to represent the motion
    and excitement of extreme sports, such as skate, snow,
    wake, and surf boarding. The simple shape is at once a
    wave, mountain, and half pipe. The simplicity will make
    the logo easily recognizable while not interfering with
    the many logos and brands sold in the retail store.

    *Note: since this is a school project, I do not own the imagery in the catalogs (although the images on the skateboards are my own). If you see one of your images in the catalog or style guide and would like a credit email me and I'll put you right up here! Thanks**
  • Lookbook / Cover
  • Lookbook / Table of Contents
  • Lookbook / Surf Title Page
  • Lookbook / Surf Inner Page
  • Lookbook / Snow Title Page
  • Graphic Standards Manual / Cover
  • Graphic Standards Manual / Table of Contents
  • Graphic Standards Manual / Inner page
  • Graphic Standards Manual / Inner page
  • Graphic Standards Manual / Inner page
  • Folder / half open
  • Folder / open
  • Skateboard designs / currently in production
  • ecNecklace